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Power Source
  • Problem
  • There is no power
  • Solution
  • • Check to ensure the batteries are in good condition, with the poles (+/- correctly placed)
    • Check to see if the batteries are discharged, or have been inserted improperly.
Password / Card or Key Tag
  • Problem
  • The password cannot be changed / registered
  • Fingerprint has not been registered
  • The card or key tag cannot be registered
  • The door cannot be opened even after entering the password followed by the (*) button
  • Fingerprint cannot open the locked door
  • The door cannot be opened with the card or key tag
  • Cannot open the door using password or the fingerprint
  • The door cannot be opeed with the password, card or key tag
  • The password, fingerprint, card or key tag registration data can be verified but the door cannot be opened
  • Solution
  • • This may be a case of delayed password change. The password must be changed while the number pad is lighted. Furthermore, the second number of the new password must be entered within 20 seconds of entering the first number.
    • Replace the batteries if they are discharged
    • Repeat the procedure again, referring to "Password Change" in the user guide
  • • Fingerprint must be placed correctly on the panel while the light is on.
    • To register multiple fingerprins, after the first fingerprint, place next one within 20 seconds.
  • When registering multiple cards and key tags continually, the next card or key tag must be placed on the card reader within 20 seconds of the previous card or key tag.
  • • Check that the registered password has been correctly entered.
    • If the number pad is not lighted while the password is being entered, the entry will not be accepted. Reenter the password from the beginning when the number pad is lighted after touch [NUMBER PAD] or pressing the [ENTER NUMBER] button. (The light on the number pad is automatically turned off if an entry is not initiated within 5 seconds.)
  • • If in the case where either the fingerprint is not registered or not read correctly. Check if the fingerprint is registered and wash your finger and try again.
    • To open the door, place finger on the fingerprint reading panel for about 1 second.
  • • This may be case of an unregistered card or key tag being used, or of the card or key tag not being recognized. Register the card or key tag and try to open it again.
    • The card or key tag must be properly placed on the card reader.
  • • Password and fingerprint cannot open the door while double lock system is on. If you touch the [NUMBER PAD] while the double lock system is on, "peep" sound will ring.
  • • The door cannot be opened from the outside using the password, card or key tag if the double locking function has been activated. If the double locking function is activated, a "too~~t, too~~t" sound is generated when the [ENTER NUMBER] button is pressed or the card is placed.
  • • This could be a mulfunction / error with loocking system of the lock. Please call the nearest service center.
Automatic Locking
  • Problem
  • The door does not lock automatically after being closed
  • Solution
  • • Check to ensure that the Automatic Locking mode is set. If the operation mode is set to Manual Locking, touching the [NUMBER PAD] or open [OPEN FINGERPRINT COVER] or press the [ENTER NUMBER] button to lock the door.
    • If the door does not automatically lock in the Automatic Locking mode, the lock is installed improperly. Contact the digital door lock installer to have it reinstalled.
    • The automatic locking function will not work if the batteries are completely discharged. Check the batteries.
Alarm Sound
  • Problem
  • When [OPEN FINGERPRINT COVER] button is pressed, the warning bell "peep peep" will ring


    The "too~~t, too~~t" alarm sound is generated when the [ENTER NUMBER] button is pressed
  • The molody of "Blues for Elise" is continually generated when the lock operates
  • Solution
  • • The alarm sound is generated if the [ENTER NUMBER] button is pressed while the double locking function is activated. Release the double locking functin before using the lock.
  • It is notifying you that the batteries need to be replaced. Please change thet batteries within 1 week
  • Problem
  • There is no response when a card is applied or the [ENTER NUMBER] button is pressed
  • Solution
  • • Press the hole in the right of the outer body using a pin.
    • It the hole does not operate in spite of the activity above, contact the nearest service center