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Able to receive short text messages that are sent to the security office from a regular computer
  • 7" Wide Colour TFT LCD
  • Door Answering & Monitoring
  • Door release
  • Intercommunication between different stations at the same house
  • Control of a digital door lock
  • Video recording of visitor's call

Samsung is producing the world's finest video intercom systems and has taken the lead in both system quality and innovation. This quality and innovation is reflected in all of their products, and the SHT-7507 is certainly no exception. This impressive video intercom system is loaded with features that will not only give you peace of mind, but will also serve to make your life a little easier as well.

The 7 inch color TFT LCD screen gives users ample screen size and definition. After all, what could be more important than a clear, crisp image in a video intercom system? Yet, the SHT-7507 offers up a great deal more than what one traditionally thinks of as a video intercom system. For with the SHT-7507, you will be able to do far more than simply see who is approaching your home.

The SHT-7507 allows you to not just monitor who is at your door, but comes with an automatic door release. This incredibly handy functionality means that you can easily control the access to your home with the touch of a single button. The digital door lock feature is one that is guaranteed to make any home owners life an easier and safer one. If you have never owned a digital door lock before, you will be left wondering what you ever did without it!


The functionality of the SHT-7507 includes functioning as a burglar alarm system and even detecting gas leaks. You can even record visitors that wish to gain entrance to your home with the video record feature! Thus, anyone looking for a comprehensive video intercom system will, of course, be very impressed by what this great unit from Samsung has to offer.

Given its usability, impressive functionality and quality of construction and concept, those looking for a video intercom system will certainly want to give the SHT-7507 a long look. Once you have a video intercom system in your home, you will wonder exactly how you ever got along without one.

Power DC 12V/ 1.2A
Power consumption 15W
Display 7" wide colour TFT LCD
Dimension 283 x 192 x 29 (W x H x D)
Weight 1.8kg
Communication Method Hands-Free Type
Installation Wall Monting