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SHS-6120-Security Gets Smarter!
The Most Affortable Digital Door Lock from Samsung
  • RFID Card/ PIN Access
  • Button Keypad with Slide Cover
  • Anti-panic exit system
  • Anti-picking function
  • Forced Locking and Relocking
  • Automatic/ Manual locking modes
  • Burglar alarm & Fire detection sensor
  • PIN to administer enrolment and deletion
  • Advanced operation logic
  • Emergency external battery terminal
  • Emergency mechanical bypass Key
Number Combination 4~12 digits number combination
User Capacity (Maximum Registration) 1 passwords/ up to 20 Cards
Dimension Outside: 80 x 292 x 74 (mm: W x H x D)
Inside: 79 x 290 x 80.3 (mm: W x H x D)
Door Depth 40~60mm/ Optional parts are required for more than 60mm
Material Aluminium, Acrylic
Color Red Wine Color
Operating Temperature -25°C ~ +60°C (Outside) -10°C ~ +55° (Indoor)
Humidity 90%
Power DC6V (Alkaline AA, LR6 Battery 8pcs)
False Rejection Rate 0.01%
False Acceptance Rate 0.001~Less
Sensor Speed Less than 1 second
Duration (Battery) Average 3, 650 accesses (Batery duration is approx 12 months)
Packing Box Size 300 x 375 x 105 (mm: W x H x D)
Remote Controller (Optional) 447.7375MHz, DV4.6V, 100m (Effective Distance)