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SHS-6020-Latest RFID Card Digital Lock!
The latest RFID Card Digital Door Lock from Samsung.
  • Digital touch keypad with Random Security Codes
  • User selectable 5~12 digits password
  • Anti-panic exit system
  • Anti-picking function
  • Forced Locking and Relocking
  • Automatic/ Manual locking modes
  • Burglar alarm & Fire detection sensor
  • Advanced operation logic
  • Emergency external battery terminal
  • Emergency mechanical bypass Key
  • Indoor wireless Remote Controller (Optional)
Number Combination 5~12 digits number combination
User Capacity (Maximum Registration) 20 RFID cards and1 passwords
Card Type 13.56MHz RF chip (A Type)
Able to register function of watch, credit card and mobile phone that contains Smart chip
Reading Range Within 30mm
Dimension Outside: 81.30 x 318 x 75 (mm: W x H x D)
Inside: 79 x 290 x 80.3 (mm: W x H x D)
Door Depth 40~45mm/ Optional parts are required for more than 45mm
Material Zink Alloy, ABS Plastic
Color Silver
Operating Temperature -25°C ~ +60°C (Outside) -10°C ~ +55° (Indoor)
Humidity 90%
Power DC6V (Alkaline AA, LR6 Battery 8pcs)
Duration (Battery) Average 3, 650 accesses (Batery duration is approx 10 months)
Fire Rating 30 minutes
Packing Box Size 300 x 375 x 105 (mm: W x H x D)
Remote Controller (Optional) 447.7375MHz, DV4.6V, 100m (Indoor)