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Important Notice

For future technical, after sales and parts supports from Samsung SNS (formerly Samsung Ezon), Hanman International Pte Ltd and Hanman International Sdn Bhd, the Exclusive Agent for Singapore and Master Distributor in Malaysia, please make sure to obtain WARRANTY CARD issued by Hanman International.

The Parallel import Samsung products are not eligible for any supports including 24 hours HOTLINE from Hanman International in Singapore and Malaysia.

The followings are the tips to identify unauthorized products:

  • Wordings on the products and packaging's are in Korean.
  • No original English Manual (Hard covered) printed by Samsung SNS.
  • Only 2 emergency keys for mortise type locks (SHS-5230, SHS-5120, SHS-6120, SHS-6020, DL-22, DL-50, etc) instead of 5 keys.
  • No warranty card from Hanman International.

As the parallel import products are designed to use in Korea (dry weather), the certain components are not suitable for high humidity conditions that may cause malfunction or shorten the life of products.

For higher security, all export authorised products comes with Password to control unauthorised or accidental change of password or enrolment & deletion of cards. However, parallel imported products do not have such security features.

The following parallel import Samsung Locks do not support this feature:
(SHS-5230, HS-5120, SHS-6120, SHS-6020, SHS-2320, SHS-2420)

We have numerous cases where the end users purchased goods from following companies without knowing that goods are parallel imported. The following companies are NOT AUTHORIZED DEALERS for Samsung SNS products and all the products purchased from following companies will not be covered warranty and technical supports from Samsung Ezon and us.

< Singapore >
  • Interlock (On-line), D&L Design (IMM Building), Grupp Marketing/ KlassicoIntl (Toa Payoh Central), The Upgraders 99, Others offering on-line, Builders Hardware Marketing (Sim Lim Tower).

  • < Malaysia >
  • Offered Online (,,, Maxsafe, etc)

  • * For any verification of authrised dealers, please contact us at +65 6564 4704 or e-mail to us.